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OMG [U-Kiss: Eli Flai Arms]

Traveling for the summer!


I never thought I could be so excited for a Spring Break that I have nothing planned for. Haha. I would've liked to have gone to California for the SAVMA symposium, but with the traveling I plan on doing over the summer, I thought it wouldn't be feasible.

What traveling might I be talking about? Well, I was picked to be a part of Project Heal. It's a group of veterinary students that travel to Quito, Ecuador to provide services to the locals. I'm pretty stoked. It's the only group that does large animal as well. I may even get to do my first spay/neuter on a cat while I'm down there. :3 After that, we're hoping to travel to Peru and see Machu Picchu. We were hoping to go to some other places, like Lake Titicaca or Bolivia or something, but I'm not sure how much it is going to cost.

I think I mentioned before the Korean Conference that I'm going to try and attend as well. I'm hoping I get picked! I really would like to go. <3 It would be amazing.

I only have 7 more weeks of school before I have completed MY FIRST YEAR OF VETERINARY SCHOOL. Crazy, right? I will be 1/4 a veterinarian. :) Haha. This time next year I will have completed my first spay/neuter on a live dog. I will have to find a home for it after the procedure or it will have to be euthanized. I would really like to adopt it, but it just wouldn't be possible for Mark and I to have a dog. But how cool would it be to say that you rescued the first dog that you did a surgical procedure on by yourself? I told my parents that and my dad was like "What kind of dog?" I told him it was a year away so I didn't have a clue. Lol. I'm going to see if I can get paired with a herding dog of some sort, because I have a feeling he would take a herding dog like an Aussie or a Border Collie. :)

Speaking of almost completing my first year, would you like to see this list of classes I have taken thus far in Vet School?
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Wow. That's scary to look at. D: We still have the last six classes left as of right now.

I had to work all this week because I wanted Spring Break off. It was good, but also bad. I had to work until 9 on St. Patty's Day. But I ended up going out after for it and a friend's birthday. I had such a blast. We pregamed at her house and then walked to midtown to party at a club (I can't remember where it was). We didn't leave until like 2:00 am. Right before leaving Kristen's place, Tina, Jen & I walked to Krispie Kreme and got some donuts. Best food when you are still a little tipsy. :) I didn't get home until 3:00 am.

Last night Mark and I went down to Bushnell to go to the fair with Missy and Kiet. We had a good time. Mark and I rode some rides together. We were sad that Amy & Greg couldn't meet us up there, but we got to see Jacque and spend some time with her.

Last thing I'll mention is that I started running recently. I run everyday for at least 2 miles except on Friday. I've been dieting too and I've already lost 8 lbs. I'm hoping to keep it going. I'd ideally like to lose 10-15 more, but we'll see.

Hope all is well with my f-list. <3
OMG [U-Kiss: Kevin OMO]

Look who's posting! :O

Heeeeey guys. This is going to be really short and sweet.

Sorry that I'm not around. Most of you on my flist probably don't even remember me anymore. In case you forgot, I started Veterinary School this past August. It is absolutely amazing. I've never worked so hard in my life. I've never cried so much. I've never loved my life so much. I've never slept so little. I've never felt support like this ever before. As hard as it is, I know with everything in my heart that it's what I want to do with my life and I love my classes.

Mark and I had our 7 year anniversary this past September. Holy crap. LOL. Our best friends got married and we were both in the wedding. It was beautiful. <3

I have so much to write about, but don't have any time. That's probably my biggest problem these days. There is never enough time for anything anymore. I want to play video games but can't (I do sneak in a bit of DS and PS3 time though ;D). I don't draw anymore. I don't really sing much anymore. I don't even spend much time with Mark because of school and work. He's been so great. <3

I'm going to Ecuador this summer with a program through the Vet School. We will be working on large and small animals. I might even get to do my first surgery. I'm pretty stoked.

My Grandma is in stable condition with her breast cancer. For those of you who didn't know, she found out she had breast cancer as I was going through my Vet School interview process. She had been going through chemo and everything. She lost her hair and started wearing a wig. But she's finished with chemo for now. She'll never be in remission since it's in her bones, but she's stable. Her hair has even grown back. <3 I have so much to be thankful for.

My family, Mark and I went up to NY for New Year's this year. We had such a great time. We went to Radio City Music Hall and then spent NYE with my Aunt at her amazing house on the Watervliet Arsenal. They have the second biggest house owned by the government (the first being the White House). Mark and I got to play in the snow too. So many great memories were made.

Unfortunately, I think that's all I have time for. I have to study for cardiovascular physiology, respiration, and reproduction now. I have finals coming up in 1.5 weeks. So I need to get on the ball.

One last thing that I want to mention. I'm sorry. I don't really even know how it got to this point. Or to that breaking point. I was extremely hurt and wasn't expecting that pain from you of all people. I truly hope you are doing well.

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Dreams can be sad.

I had a dream about my Great Grandfather Dat last night. I had a long conversation about school and told him all about my classes (like Physics and Calculus, etc.) and had in depth discussions about them. Afterwords I cried and told him just how much I missed him.

I hate the fact that this was a dream. I miss him so much. He and Bunny meant so much to me, but I was too young to even begin to comprehend how amazing he truly was.

I would like to think that I truly was communicating with him.

I love you Dat and Bunny. I miss you more than you'll ever know.

Donald Pike

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Pike then returned to NBC and became deeply involved with color broadcast of events at Cape Canaveral for NASA, since only NBC had color equipment and the other networks had to feed from NBC. He handled the televising of several President trips for Johnson, Nixon, and Ford. Pike has also been responsible for the transmission of several Super Bowls, World Series games and Miss America Pageants. Pike received a Emmy for Technical Production of Stereo Sound for his work on the telecast of Vladimir Horowitz's performance of Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 3 with the New York Philharmonic conducted by Zubin Mehta. Since his retirement, Pike was asked by the NBC Engineering Department to join their staff in coverage of the 1988 Olympics from Seoul, Korea.
Sad [Shinogu - I&#39;m Not Okay...]


I'm sorry guys. I'm going to start friends locking my posts again. Not that I really think there are many people that lurk around my journal ( I know of a few), but after recent events I realized that me trying to be nice and leave my journal unlocked leaves me vulnerable.

I hate that it has come to this, but I just don't want to deal with it. I'll probably explain in a locked post.
Sad [Song Hye Kyo: Help! ;___; ]

Oh how I miss you Final Fantasy....

Sorry I've been MIA lately, I've been keeping myself busy with FFX and Vet School application stuff.

I seriously forgot how much I love the Final Fantasy series. When I play it I get so nostalgic to a time when I was really carefree. It takes me back to the summer after sophomore year. I spent so much time with friends and with Michelle and Kim. We would all stay the night at Aunt Cindy's and stay up late playing FFVII. I take that back, they would stay up late watching me play it. I didn't need a guide because I had my own two personal guides: Kevin and Wala.

It's sad to think how things are so different now. I don't have time for hardly anything that interests me anymore (besides animals and school), Kevin and Wala don't speak anymore (along with the other boys from that group), Michelle and Kim are married, I'm applying to Vet School. Plus lots more. It's not necessarily bad (well the guys not talking is bad...), but just part of growing up I guess.

So I've been trying to finish FFX. I started playing soon after beating FFVII back in like 2003, but never got a chance to finish it. I picked up again like 2 years ago, but I started fresh just a few days ago. I'm already about halfway through. So far I've played VII, VIII (I need to replay this because I got to the last disc and my save game effed up, so I didn't technically finish it), III (or VI in Japan, the one with Terra), and now X. I just recently bought the remake of IV for DS. I will probably never play IX because it looks awful to me, but I would like to play XII (which I have and own a strategy guide to) and then XIII comes out for XBox 360 in April. So needless to say, FFXIII will be a birthday present to myself in the coming year. <3

Still need to type up the other travel posts. That's coming after I finish FFX. :D

Went to see My Sister's Keeper the other night with the family. UGHHHH TEAR CITY DUDE. But it was good. Apparently ends far different from the book.

Today I also went to Wal-Mart and got to see Mark do a stop for two boys that were shoplifting. It was pretty funny. Mark was waiting for them up front and then stood in their way after they walked outside. He was like "back inside please...". They tried to refuse but he told them there would only be more charges if they argued. :P After that I bought some Burt's Bees face stuff. An exfoliator and the blemish stick. My face feels really nice after using it, so we'll see how this goes. I really like the feel and smell of it. ^__^ It's kinda pricey though. :\

I'm at a spot in the game that takes a turn for the worst. For those of you that played it, I'm about to hit the Macalania Temple to see Seymour. I kinda know what's going to happen, but it'll still be fun.

I haven't been feeling well today. My throat is pretty scratchy so I just made a pot of Korean Citron tea. That stuff is amazing. It tastes great and is so good when you are sick! My Aunt actually turned me on to it. I love it. <3

Also! Joanie (candyviolence) is coming to visit when she gets back to Gainesville. :D Yay. I need my dosage of Joanie. And I need to see some friends that don't suck. Like a recent friend of mine. Ughhh....

Oh, and lastly, I chatted with Risa (kurarisa) the other night for like hours. It was really nice catching up and made me realize I need to go on AIM more.

Tomorrow is laundry and more FFX! Mark is off tomorrow though, so need to spend some time with him too. XD

Oh, and PS! I also really want to play the new Star Ocean game for 360. It looks fun. Has anyone played it? Does anyone on my f-list play video games anymore? :P

Overseas Trip: Part 4! FINAL ENTRY!

So I don't remember a lot of what happened once we got back. A lot of the things that occurred in Korea basically blended together. I'm just going to tell you things that happened based on pictures that I have. XD;;

At one point in the week Missy, Nick, Peter and myself went to Everland. It's a really big theme park that is located in Yongin. We rode the really big wooden roller coaster there called the T Express. It's huge! It's the worlds steepest, ninth fastest, fourth tallest, and sixth longest wooden coaster! Impressive? Haha. It was seriously one of the only roller coasters that I've ridden and was a little bit frightened. LOL. But it was a lot of fun.

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Overseas Trip: Part 3!

Once in the Narita airport, we bought a NEX train ticket to get into Tokyo. It was the fastest, but it was like $30. Ouch. We got lost trying to find the damn train. We got on the wrong one, luckily got off, asked someone and BARELY made it on the correct train in time. It was kinda scary. On the way in I had onigiri for the first time. >_<;; Yeah, I know. But as least it was in Japan! Haha. It was really good! We had tuna, salmon, clam, and umeboshi plum. I was too afraid to try the clam though. :P It was really cool though because on the way in it started out as rice paddies and farms. Then as we got closer it got more and more city-like. It must have been laundry day though because EVERYBODY had all of their stuff drying in the windows or balconies. Haha. No, in Japan apparently everyday is laundry day becuase the next going back to the airport we saw everbody's laundry out again.

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